The effective conciliation between products and procedures and the need to minimize the impact on the environment is not easy.

In recent years, numerous conferences and meetings were intended to promote proper actions for a "sustainable disinfection" from an environmental point of view, and with the objective to ensure and guarantee a situation of "controlled risk", that is, the control of microbial load within the limits stablished as safe by the standards of hygiene regarding each type of disinfection area to be treated (high / low / medium risk).

By means of  the Hygienio system and its hot application of disinfectant it is possible to obtain a safe disinfection of high level with less use of the chemical principle, and so, reducing the percentage of use of  the chemical  leads to decrease on the superfluous dispersion of water and disinfectant product into the environment.

Indeed, rules of "kinetic Chemistry" show that many chemical reactions are affected by temperature, the higher the temperature the quicker the time of reaction of the reactive agents, whose reactions usually double speed every increased 10 ° of temperature
The Hygienio system applies the disinfectant solution at 30/40 ° temperature and for this reason the REACTION SPEED of the chemical substance is considerably larger than in conventional applications the temperature of 15/20, therefore MINOR IMPACT OF CHEMICAL INTO ENVIRONMENT because
  • MAJOR is the disinfectant application temperature
  • MINOR is the time interval necessary for the reaction, and then
  • MINOR will be also the required amount in percentage of the active ingredient to  achieve the same results at the same time