It is well known that the efficiency of the disinfection of the environment is conditioned mainly by two factors: a) the characteristics of the disinfectant - b)the way of application of the disinfectant.
Up to present time, the usual way of disinfectant application methods are: rubbing and scrubbing, washing and rinsing, use of spray and nebulization, but all these methods require long time implementation and objective difficulties for the achievement of a satisfactory qualitative standard. 
Through the method of rubbing and  spraying the treated surface is generally limited to only 1/6 of the whole area .
This exclusive system allows to disinfect surfaces and materials of all kinds, in a fast way and with the immediate reuse of spaces and equipment.
Thanks to Hygienio system, it is possible to obtain a two-phase mixture (disinfectant liquid + steam) which, in contact with a generic surface, condensates, allowing a continuous and homogeneous sanitizing treatment

Steam, sprayed together with disinfectant particles,  gets easily attached to floors, walls, cealing and furniture of any shape and material, that is, reaching even those micro spaces where bacteria, fungi and mildew usually keep on proliferating.

That’s why hygienio is revolutionary in disinfection field and allows to reach the highest standards of surface decontamination with regard to the viable methods  existing today.