Hygienio, your new ally for the decontamination of all surfaces..


1- Hygienio disinfect in hot: the mix of disinfectant and steam penetrates deep, without wetting on all surface types, on all the furnishings and equipment of any shape and material, even in presence of roughness and irregularity, ensuring uniform and homogeneous disinfection.


2- Hygienio reaches everywhere:it is the only system that allows to sanitize easily  the whole environment, including the walls and ceiling. The application of the disinfectant through the steam allows the disinfection in all areas even those of the most difficult to reach.


3- Hygienio is easy and fast: the disinfection activity becomes simple and rapid, 10-20 sq m per minute, that is,-500/1000 square meters in one hour ... in relation to the structure of the surface treated, and  with a consequent reduction in operating costs and greater certainty of effectiveness.


4. Hygienio lasts in time:the application of the disinfectant through the diffuser allows to avoid direct contact with the surfaces eliminating the risk of transporting bacteria from one place to another of the treated area. The microbicide "film" that is created is continuous, homogeneous and durable and provides a bacteriostatic effect over time.


5.  Hygienio is unique: the only disinfection technology that does not need to isolate and seal the area to be treated, and allows an immediate reuse of the area and equipment.


6. Hygienio is a technological system: thanks to its automatic mixing system eliminates unnecessary waste of disinfectant avoiding excessive and unnecessary application on the treated surfaces.


that's why Hygienio allows to obtain the highest level of decontamination  for surfaces